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Accounting and Finance

Year-end Accounts

Prepare statutory accounts for companies and partnerships:

Certain businesses are required to file statutory accounts to regulatory authorities on periodic basis. We will prepare your year end accounts on a timely basis.

We always endeavour to make this a simple and uncomplicated process."

Once we have completed your accounts, we sit down and discuss these with each client so as assist in identifying any actions required. We always keep you updated as to how our work is progressing and when we expect to complete our work.

We ensure your accounts are filed to regulatory authorities on timely basis.

Prepare sole trader accounts for both bank and tax purposes:

We prepare accounts for sole traders for whatever reason they are required, whether it be for tax purposes or for your bank.

We will prepare you year-end accounts within agreed deadlines:

We aim to prepare your end of year accounts within agreed deadlines so that they are filed well ahead of the deadlines to the regulatory authorities.

Other Service:

As part of our service we regard as part of our role to remind you in good time when your year-end accounts need to be filed..

Management Accounts

Our prominent services include:

Prepare / review management accounts.

Subject our work to directorial review.

Arrange regular review meetings.

Perform analysis on management accounts.

Advise on measuring business performance.


Our prominent services include:

Prepare consolidated accounts in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Provide guidance with respect to accounting framework and local laws relating to consolidation of financial statements.

Secondments / Outsourcing

Our prominent services include:

We have experts of Accounting and Finance who can work with you as full time / part time personnel and perform your required tasks with dedication and due care.

Provide outsourcing services and manage finance function of your organisations through cloud computing / remote location.

Resolving issues / converns raised by external auditors.

Fixed Assets Register

Our prominent services include:

Perform periodic counts.

Develop and maintain fixed assets register.

Fund Management

Our prominent services include:

Manage your funds and invest in the market as per your directions.

Manage your funds in the market keeping in view the market norms and after analysing the market trends.

Advising you on the legal repercussions on investments made.

Exploiting new investment ventures in the market.

Advising on how to save, invest and grow.

Advices with respect to Accounting Treatments

Our prominent services include:

Advising you on specific accounting guidelines / treatments with respect to relevant accounting framework.

Advisory and Consultancy

Company Secretarial


Income Tax

Our prominent services include:

Return filing.
NTN registration
Representing you in appeals and other income tax related matters.
Tax management.
Advising you in respect of tax implication with respect to expenditure incurred, investment made, accounting treatments and decisions taken.

Sales Tax

Our prominent services include:

STRN registration.
Representing you in appeals and other sales tax related matters.
Advices you for achieving efficient tax structures.

Business Development

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    Business Plans and Forecasts

    Our prominent services include:

    Preparation of business plans.
    Preparation of forecasts.
    Preparing budgets on the basis of the future projections and estimates.

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    HR Outsourcing and Payroll Calculations

    Our prominent services include:

    Maintaining HR and payroll records.
    Performing monthly payroll computations.
    Directing competent candidates to fit in your human resource needs.

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    Recruitment Management

    Our prominent services include:

    Providing you with the experts in staff recruitment.
    Human resource management services.

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    Content Writing

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    Training and development

    Our prominent services include:

    Providing staff trainings of the latest amendments and developments in the market with respect to accounting framework, taxation and regulatory requirements.
    Providing trainings / motivational lectures regarding specific topics as desired including business ethics.

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    Business Processes development

    Our prominent services include:

    Providing recommendations to you regarding your business processes based on best business practices and detailed understanding of your systems.
    Identifying control deficiencies and reporting on the system of internal controls.
    Designing of controls and Standard Operating Procedures.

Information Technology


Software development


Website development


Business Introduction

Our prominent services include:
Preparing business logos.
Preparing automated applications.

Digital Marketing